NHS Direct

A wealth of health information, as you would expect. Features a health encyclopaedia, self-help guide and more.



The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has evidence-based reviews, specialists libraries, books, journals.....Huge. Some access may be limited to NHS staff.


An American site with a detailed description of the anatomy of the spine and a more technical explanation of the conditions that can cause back and neck pain.

Patient UK

Like asking your GP for health information, but without the wait in the surgery.

Know of any links?






The number of links on the sub-pages Health-Related sites and Organisations and Self-Help Groups will be added to as we discover them. If you are a member of, or know of, any self-help group or organisation dedicated to a neuromusculoskeletal disorder that is not listed here then please contact us and we can link to it from here.

It may help someone.