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A chiropractic consultation and examination will determine the nature and cause of your particular problem. It's initial purpose is to make a diagnosis so that treatment can be given (if appropriate).

Let us say, for example, that you have low back pain and it is determined to be the result of a misalignment of the 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae (L4 & L5). Your chiropractor can treat this and your symptoms will most likely go away.

However another part of the consultation that our chiropractors place great emphasis on is to determine why L4 and L5 came to be misaligned in the first place. With the obvious exception of trauma (an accident) and congenital conditions the cause is quite often postural or ergonomic in nature. Such as:

  • slumped sitting position
  • bad driving position
  • bad workplace ergonomics (computers especially, laptops notoriously)
  • a heavy physical occupation involving lifting
  • carrying a heavy bag over one shoulder all the time
  • carrying a child on one hip

the list is almost endless so we'll stop there.

If this is the case then you can expect Anthony, Caroline or Rosie to give you quite a bit of advice and a few exercises for you to do at home also (just the one if you're fortunate).

If poor posture has contributed to your problem then they will explain how and suggest changes that you can make yourself, for example the best driving position or the most ergonomically correct computer work environment. Changing your posture slightly can reduce the stresses or strain on your spine or shoulders or knees or whatever part of your body is being affected.

An inevitable result of postural deficiency are muscles that are not working as they should. They may become tight or spasmed (think of how your shoulders feel after a long drive or spending all day on a laptop) or become slack and weak through under-use. The exercises (more muscle stretches than exercises) that the chiropractor may suggest are intended to loosen the muscles or strengthen them – whatever is needed – and generally increase their tone and efficiency.

Postural change and muscle exercises are a way for you to help yourself – either by speeding up your recovery or reducing the possibility of future injuries or both.

Our philosophy is that treatment does not begin or end with the chiropractic adjustment when you are in pain but continues with lifestyle and exercise advice for when you are not.

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