We offer a range of orthotics for those who would benefit from them. From simple heel lifts and off-the-shelf inserts to custom-made orthotics manufactured from individual prescription.

Why Orthotics?

Your feet are the foundation for the normal balance and alignment of your body. Structural problems in the feet, even the slightest misalignment of bone and muscle, can alter the way that you walk and cause many different problems. Symptoms can include localised foot pain, bunions, hammer toes, pain in the arch of the foot and heel pain.
Less obvious symptoms may involve leg pain, knee pain, problems with the hip, back pain and even neck pain. Your feet support your entire weight

Faulty foot mechanics can alter the even distribution of your body weight, whilst standing, walking or running, and create an increased load on joints and muscles elsewhere in the body.
Foot orthotics help to correct any imbalance by exerting gentle, consistent pressure to stabilise the bones of your feet and bring muscles and bones back into proper alignment.

Do I Need Them?

It would not be true to say that anyone experiencing pain or problems with their feet will benefit from orthotic therapy. It may be, for instance, that symptoms in the feet or lower legs originate from a condition affecting the lower back or pelvic area. It may also be the case that pain or discomfort in the lower back or hip is a result of flawed foot mechanics. It is essential for your chiropractor to assess you so that they can properly determine the cause of your problem and the appropriate treatment for it. As part of the assessment they may analyse your gait with the assistance of computerised technology.