This is what some of our patients have to say about us. All of these testimonials have been given freely by visitors to the clinic, with consent to the use of their real name.

If you have been helped by anyone at the clinic and would like to give your own testimony you can either use the Contact Form on this website or ask at Reception for a testinomial form.

Rosie Denmark

Despite terrible back problems with my third baby, Caroline and Rosemary at the Central Chiropractic Clinic have given me wonderful treatments and kept me going throughout numerous acute episodes of back pain. They have always been highly skilled, very kind and loyal and I recommend them to everyone. Thank you.


Helen Barker

The monthly massages that I have with David work brilliantly in conjunction with my regular chiropractic treatment. I've gone from being in constant pain to being fully mobile. As well as being relaxing, David's massages always find the tense muscles before they cause any pain. I heartily recommend David to anyone looking for help with any painful muscles.

Christine Budgen

I have been coming to this clinic for many years and always received excellent treatment. A very friendly and professional team. I have recommended this clinic many times, and will continue to do so.

Eileen Race

The custom orthotics have changed my life. I could barely walk for a minute before I was hobbling. I can now walk for a continuous hour. The improvement has been over several months and my feet don't hurt and my back is much better.

Jonathan Beecher

I have had treatment at the Central Chiropractic Clinic for many years. My work is particularly stressful and demanding, being a solo cellist and running workshops for violin making, so my body has to cope with many physical activities. The chiropractic treatment and remedial massage have proved to be really essential for staying in comfortable and strong physical condition. Brilliant team.

Nicholas Smith

After discussing orthotic insoles, and although sceptical as to potential results, I ordered some. The results are truly amazing. Previously I had difficulty walking any distance due to painful hips - now I have no pain at all. Worth every penny!